Oh My Gato!

Lizzie June 12, 2013 0
Oh My Gato!

It’s no secret that I am a huge supporter of Adelina Anthony’s work. In fact you can say I’m kind of obsessed with her performances and writing. I first encountered Anthony’s work when I was 14 or 15 years old. I watched “Mastering Sex and Tortillas” at UCLA. I remember I could not stop laughing! I didn’t understand all of the jokes, but that was okay. It stands out as one of the most memorable works for me because it was the first piece I had seen or heard in Spanglish. This was something I could easily relate to because the language was familiar. The same could be said with her new play, The Beast of Times. Now that I’m much older and have more of a critical lens, I can understand her work on a different level.

The Beast of Times is Anthony’s first two-person play, with contributing monologue from D’Lo. The play is described like Portlandia meets the animals from the cartoon The Far Side, but with sexy progressive queer people of color politics! The Beasts of Times is also a satirical and queer allegory, which explores the contradictions and pains of coming to political consciousness as “Other” in a world where environmental and ethnic diversity are quickly becoming passé.”

I had the privilege to take my students on a field trip opening weekend of the play. In my mind I worried they wouldn’t understand the issues presented in the play, but boy did they prove me wrong! The students were having the time of their life, laughing and clowning and left the play with a deeper sense of self.

I highly recommend The Beast of Times, Anthony and D’Lo address social issues with a humor and heart. To quote one of my students, “It was genius to use animals.”

June 14-16 is the last weekend you will be able to see the play. You can purchase tickets at http://laglcculturalarts.eventbrite.com/.

Artists bios available on:

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