The Time

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The time I was born

The time a dog bit me twice in the face

The time my mother told me the scar would disappear

The time I realized it wasn’t going to

The time I fell off my bike and my father carried me home

The time my father asked me to get him a beer from the fridge

The time I realized he was an alcoholic

The time he took me with him to buy cocaine

The time he hit my mom

The time he disappeared

The time I heard my mother crying in her room

The time our electricity got turned off

The time it happened again

The time I left home

The time I hurt someone and felt guilty

The time I hurt someone and didn’t feel guilty

The time I realized my actions affect other people

The time I learned to be patient

The time I thought about how I was going to die

The time I stopped being afraid

The time I realized that sometimes I should be

The time I liked who I was

The time I thought I was making a difference

The time I realized I wasn’t

The time I lost a friend and wondered why

The time I realized being who you are shouldn’t be a choice

The time I realized for most people it is

The time I wished I was better looking

The time I wondered why I wished that

The time I realized the hardest thing in life is to be alone

The time I realized that sometimes that’s the best thing

The time I wondered why this was happening to me

The time I realized I had a responsibility

The time I realized that if I don’t participate, people think I’m an asshole

The time I realized I don’t give a fuck

The time I heard David Bowie’s ‘Five Years’

The time I needed an outlet

The time I realized outlets aren’t always positive

The time I learned that by watching people, I could learn what not to do

The time I drank

The time I did drugs

The time I realized the system doesn’t work

The time I looked around and thought, “What the fuck?”

The time I realized I loved to wallow

The time I decided to stop

The time I realized that I create my own reality

The time I realized that well-being abounds

The time I realized that we have control over it all…

Gregorio Davila

Gregorio Davila is a writer, video editor, musician and street artist who strives in utilizing his artistic skills throughout the Los Angeles area, including the communities of East Hollywood and Silverlake. One of Gregorio's current projects is doing film editing for an upcoming documentary film entitled "Gay Latino Los Angeles: Portrait of a City," which has an expected release date in 2013.

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