Witnessing the Messi Miracle

Karen June 25, 2014 0
Witnessing the Messi Miracle

This is it. I know I have said this statement 6 world cups ago.
I say this now with more determination and with vivid confidence because I saw the apparition on Messi’s foot. It extended 20 meters like a beam of light that shot through the net like it borrowed my soul to channel it’s precise appearance.
It was real because Messi answers prayers. He tunes in, channels it. It takes two to tango. Where else is this overused-leaning-towards-cliché statement more applicable than here. Sure, the gol- miracle would have happened if I wasn’t there to witness it. A lot of people didn’t see the game and I could tell them that Messi scored a hellavuh gol. Messi needed us to need the miracle in order for him to make it happen. I prayed hard. Some kind of straw had to break the camels back. Too bad it was on Iran. The gol came after a penalty that was not called on Argentina. I think this had an influence on the revelation of Messi’s miracle.
The amount of emotions that poured through my body felt like I was overcome with a spiritual zap. The electrifying zap was followed by speaking in tongues. After I screamed gol until my lungs collapsed, the next breathe, a loud, grasping inhale followed by the falling exhale, dropping to my knees in front of the T.V. as a cue to hit the pues perfect for praying, what else would save me in mid breath? As soon as I opened my mouth, like a babe left with out a voice, I cried. I couldn’t stop sobbing and holding my face, trembling and shaking, rocking myself with my prayers of gratitude and shock at what came into existence: the gol of the decade. The long awaited gol I needed to have a spiritual awakening. This is the gol that I have been asking for since 1998 that has the potential to inspire the Argentine team to play as world cup champion team.
In 1986, Maradona’s newly appointed squad was not a favorite for the Mexico World cup in fact they were highly criticized yet that team won the Mundial and Maradona won the golden ball award as the tournaments best player.
The players that are pushing through in the 2014 Argentine National squad that I see can turn up the fire on the team’s push to score are Di Maria, Rojo, Lavezzi, Gago Biglia, Perez and Garay and any other star player Sabella will place is likely to push forward more aggressively against Nigeria.
People want to say their favorite is Brazil or Germany. Yet these teams have shown that they can be stopped, we can find their weaknesses.
Not many are truly thinking that this disheveled team can rise to overcome their own weaknesses
The game with Nigeria will show us if they will unless they need more time do so in the second round. It behooves them to get practice on a strongly offensive team that can add the physical pressure and stamina in offense like Nigeria.
Nigeria will be pressuring Argentina’s set up and Argentina will continue their infamous defense-style of playing. Argentina’s control of the ball steadily marking of Nigerian territory will be key seeing that Nigeria likes to take advantage of fast offensive strides where we can dazzle in Romero’s acrobatic defensive moves. Being that Argentina plays a strong defense that sets up from the back, we will see if this key in the Argentine style/strategy in setting the players up for precise and awesome assists and gols through the Nigerian defense especially in the main area of action.
I think the Nigerian imprecision/lack of ball control will force Argentina to be the more disciplined in striking offensively since they will be forced to make fast decisions by the more faster paced/acting Nigerians squad.
I usually would like Nigeria to win for many reasons including sympathizing towards black players for the racism in soccer and the gene cleansing that took place in south American countries including Argentina.
At this point of the World Cup, I believe anything is possible and I believe in miracles on the field because I was witness to one thousands of miles from its birth.
Let’s see if the rest of the team is as inspired as me.

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