It’s My Birthday and I Can Come Out If I Want To

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Coming out of the closet to your family is never easy. This video had me in tears and I really can’t say how inspiring it is. It is important to come out to your family when you are ready. This guy is so brave to have done it in front of his entire family. I like the Catholic images of Mary and Christ in the background. Jesus is his homie.


Jonathan Menendez is a digital media entrepeneur/producer that focuses his work on the empowerment of marginalized communities through emergent media, specifically trans-queer people of color. His projects include the production of a documentary on gay Latino culture in L.A., the founding and creative development of xQsi Magazine and Qulture. He founded the Latin@ Queer Arts and Film Festival that is a collaboration with the LA LGBT Center. He has shared his work as a panelist at The Queer Media Conference, The People of Color Film Festival: FUSION and the the Queer Students of Color Conferences. He has worked as a consultant for AIDS Project Los Angeles/UCSF under the department of research with George Ayala to ensure a diverse sample of Latino recruits for a study. He just completed his graduate degree with an emphasis on Digital Art and New Media from the University of California Santa Cruz where he also served as a teaching assistant for two years.

One thought on “It’s My Birthday and I Can Come Out If I Want To

  • January 28, 2012 at 9:02 am

    Beautiful, empowering, and inspiring.


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