NYE Burn on the Beach w/ Alex

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My 2 goals for NYE 2011 were to save money and save braincells.

Last year in San Francisco I went to an expensive party with my childhood friend Jon who had just realized his partying spirit and had just come back from his first Burning Man festival that year. Burning Man trips used to be a core part of my life before I moved to LA, I hadn’t been in 6 years but before that I had been to about 5 of them from 2000-2005. Jon had never been to the afterhours parties at The EndUp (a San Francisco gay/drug user institution since the 70s) so, being the mentor that I am, I took him. Throughout the nite of pills and mushrooms I ended up (no pun) leaving him there because the last pill i took really put me over the edge of fatigue and partied out status. This tab was “gifted” to me from a Filipino gangster (know your dealers folks!) and now I believe it was a speed pill because it was that pill that sent me over, made me nauseous and weak and made my body sore for days afterwards (speed always does that to my body).


I called the queer independent cab company run by former Tribe8 singer Lynne Breedlove because I wanted to support their business but it was New Years Eve and it took longer than usual. I ate my usual party energy liquid food Naked Juice protein shake and I could feel it give me long needed nutrients and calories that my danced out self was dying for. I was 34 partying like I was 22 and I could feel every drop dead moment of it in every part of my vertabrae. I was having trouble standing up and I couldn’t wait for my Homobile to arrive. When my gay male Homobile driver finally did roll up I couldn’t be more relieved.

“You’re not a dyke.” I said. “I thought this was a dyke owned and run outfit.” I said softly, barely getting the words out as I nearly collapsed into the front seat.


“It started out that way, but we’ve expanded to LGBTQII and allies.” I think he said to my relief starting the engine and pulling out of the Chevron gas station where I was waiting for about 40 minutes for him (If you’ve partied at TheEndUp, you’d know where I was waiting).

Good enough, I thought anxiously awaiting heading to my friend’s house where he and his boyfriend would already be sleeping from their early retirement from NYE partyland. I had weed and xanax to put me to bed nicely, and we 3 slept like pigs in blankets for most of New Years Day and didn’t venture out for breakfast until January 2nd. Does that sound like familiar fun to any on of you queers? Probably right?

I took a break from drug use for 3 months after that…

When this New Years Eve rolled around I knew what my goals were and I knew I wasn’t going to be in San Francisco. I wanted to be mellow and safe. maybe 1 or 2 pills would be on the agenda, maybe not. I had some mushrooms left over from my dreaded bad trip and asthma attack at Dinah Shore this year so I wanted to partake in altering my mind for the celebration, but I was still afraid. My Dinah experience this year had been just that bad. I posted on Facebook if anyone was available to hang out and Alex, a queer party promoter friend whom I knew from her event “Strapped Parties” said she was interested. We had just formed a bond recently, nearly getting arrested during the OccupyLA eviction in October so we were ready to create new memories without arrest and jail being on the agenda. (Hopefully).

I’d gone to the Christmas tree burn in San Francisco when I lived there. My friend Hernan had a bunch of people with trucks who went around town collecting abandoned trees to make a big bonfire with on Ocean Beach. I only had a hatchback but I knew I’d be able to get at least 2 small trees in the back. I thought that the burn would only last 30 minutes but it kept going for hours, past midnight til 4am when we ran out of fuel on the foggy beach somewhere south of LAX and had to leave or else freeze our butts off. The little bit of mushrooms I did that night were also good to me, no crying, no asthma attack and no feelings of abandonment! Score. I wasn’t intending to be sober for NYE but I WAS committed to not partying like the last year. I felt that I had party points leftover from last year to the point that I really didn’t need to do anything fabulous this year. Alex was great company. We were both kind of broke so it worked out great.

Ironically, on this same weekend an arsonist was busy setting Hollywood on fire and our illegal beach burn may have landed us as suspects for the 53 fires that were set over the weekend because they hadn’t yet caught the guy when we were driving home smelling like burnt trees. A cop pulled me over because he said I was turning from the wrong lane, but I swear he was making that up so he could do a sobriety test on me. By then the shrooms I had done had mostly worn off and when he shined his light into my eyes I passed his test with flying colors. No anxiety. I’ve talked to cops on drugs before.

You should always be prepared to do that whenever you are in public, especially if you drive anywhere.  I don’t get into my car if I feel like I can’t handle any trouble that I might face. In fact, knowing that it was New Years Eve, I put my registration and insurance card in a place where I would be able to easily get to it without hesitation. Alex left her open bottle of wine on the sidewalk where we parked.

No drama, no jail, no stress! Success! Ready to enter 2012 fighting! (that’s my new year mantra ;)

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