We are LEA

Elizabeth January 5, 2012 1
We are LEA
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Getting involved in a grassroots organization is new to me.  I didn’t come out of the infamous “closet” until I was 26.  My experience was filled with self-hatred, doubt, loneliness and fear.  Maybe it was due to the fact that, early on in my coming out process I didn’t have queer friends.  It would suffice to say that I come from a religious background.  When I came out to my older sister, she began to cry.  At first I was confused as to why she was crying.  Were those tears of joy?  Unsure of her emotions and dreading to hear her reason, I somehow dredged up the courage to ask her why she was crying.  My sister responded with the following “I love you so much, and I am afraid that when we die, and I go to heaven I won’t see you there because you are going to hell.”  My heart sank.  At first I was sadden by her response, then I felt angry and betrayed.  I never thought that my only sister would say something so incredibly cruel, insensitive and godless.

Several years passed, and I learned to draw strength from my straight friends who were accepting, supportive and understanding.  I eventually made some queer friends, and making these connections made a significant difference in my life.  I no longer felt alone and the cross that was mine to bear became lighter.

When I first heard of LEA I was excited to learn that they were a group of proud queer Latinos, with a mission and purpose.  I wanted to be part of them and what they stood for.  I admired what they were advocating, Marriage Equality, Family Acceptance, and Immigration Reform.  All these issues are of extreme importance to me.  Perhaps, even more so the issue of family acceptance.

As a mother I know that it is my responsibility to ensure that my daughter grows in an environment that is nurturing to her personal, emotional, mental and spiritual growth, regardless of her sexual orientation.  I became involved with LEA  because I want to be a part of the change that they are creating in the latino community.  No one should have to feel less than human, or ostracized by his or her family because of their queerness.

My daughter and I volunteered to be part of the LEA video. We felt it was important to share our story, our journey, our struggle, and our triumph.  Our only desire is for it to give hope to those who feel alone, unloved, and rejected by their own family.  We want them to know that they have a family in LEA, who cares for them, and accepts them just the way they are.

We are LEA – We are Qulture.

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  1. Freddy January 5, 2012 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    Thank you for writing this ! I am glad to know you.

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