Winding Road

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Moving along on this winding road,

where each twist and turn brings new experiences and knowledge gained.

It’s an alluring, gut wrenching, writhing and bitter sweet account of what it’s like to be human.

Life is a skill we must learn to maneuver.

It takes practice, perseverance,  and an asinine disposition to succeed.

Life’s requirement isn’t that you be perfect,

only that you will give your all to it, without reserve.

Enjoy the ride. Learn the lesson.


Elizabeth Perez is a blogger and photo journalist who hails from the East San Fernando Valley. Her interests include photography, writing, hiking, kayaking, and exploring new places. Some of the things that make her heart sing are unwarranted acts of kindness, sunsets, waterfalls, road trips and the occasional late night with friends. She is no stranger to the coming out process and the emotional turmoil that often entails, for that reason she volunteers her time to the LGBTQ community. Elizabeth is currently pursuing a Masters in Speech Pathology.

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