“Ask Mikey Smilez- Advice” Dating Question “Playing The Cat & Mouse Game”

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I’m starting the “Ask Mikey Smilez” advice vlog for LGBTQ and our allies.

Send a question to the Email: MrMikeySmilez@gmail.com I was asked a dating question:

“I have a dating question for you. I seem to have a pattern of attracting guys who show a lot of interest. Then when I show interest they back away. Then if I move on they start chasing me. It drives me nuts.”  32 TG/F

Mikey Smilez

Michael “Mikey Smilez” Narain is a New York City based crazy person! Well, if that doesn't quite distinguish him, he is a fun, warm, huggable and lovable caring individual with a killer smile (ching) and a nice rack. It’s really hard to write one of these for myself as I've learned not to be so egocentric… so It’s quite hard- that’s what he said! Well, I'm an opinionated babbler vlogger/blogger/comic by night and a substance abuse therapist by day. Most of my topics include self-actualization, LGBT issues, spirituality and that ever toilsome quest to find my future baby daddy. My goal is to be a hybrid of Ellen/Dr. Phil with some edge and sex appeal! Please join me on my quest as I tackle this thing called life and try to win a Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and maybe a Pulitzer prize, oh, GQ's man of the year might be great too.. or the Noble Peace Prize, what ever comes first.

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