I AM a gift: a misfit Christmas song

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In laws driving you fucking cray,

biting my tongue so hard, all I really want to say

is FUCK this christmas, I AM A GIFT.

I love and respect myself & thas better than this,

can’t give you anything this year but what u see

I’ll sing you a song while sitting under the tree

but its not from the mall then u can’t see,

35 years and I’m finally done

oh yeah so selfish only lookin out for #1

Spending my dough to endure this shit?

You think these holidays are still family fun?

If yer family’s whack and they don’t have your back

Thanksgiving and Christmas make u wanna smoke crack

make you wanna get loaded til your head turns to black

no returns and no exchanges

trying in vain to try to make changes

don’t wanna hear my song

don’t wanna hear my voice

well we just decided next year we actually have a choice

I just was reminded I know my worth

and I guess some of you will never forgive me for my birth

but I am the truth teller,

I am fueled by my light

I know what love and respect looks like

and I know that I am right

if you need someone else to tell you

something I already knew

i am a gift

i am a gift

i am a gift

but maybe not to you

and my song is all the presence i have to offer you

reject it and me but i’ll still be here keeping a tune

i’ll teach my kids to think differently too

i’ll start my own family and reverse the cycle soon

happy holidays to all the christmas misfits

working overtime on the 25th

smoke a bowl and exhale out the bullshit

you are a gift

if you needed just a little lift

remind yourself

even if they never let you know

you are a gift

Santa and JC even say so!

Mariko Passion

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2 thoughts on “I AM a gift: a misfit Christmas song

  • December 26, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    This is beautiful Mariko, thanks for sharing. I love hows even JC and Santa say so!

  • December 26, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Loved this Mariko, may you always keep a tune!


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