I Nourish the Universe and the Universe Nourishes Me.

"To stay immersed in love, to attract love, one must learn to eat, sleep and breath love, every moment of everyday- Chopra. "Love Me Please painting by Victor Lomeli.
“To stay immersed in love, to attract love, one must learn to eat, sleep and breath love, every moment of everyday- Chopra. “Love Me Please painting by Victor Lomeli.


Day 7: Todo mundo quiere amor, everybody. How do we cultivate love? Como le hacemos? Today’s meditation is all about cultivating self love to attract more love. Have you ever met a person who just oozes love out of every cell in their person. Well mojitos that magnetic feeling is a choice in motion and one that we can all make.

What does it feel like to feel immersed in, deeply involved in, spellbound by, eating, sleeping and eating love? The words warm, secure, happy and content come to mind. There is nothing in the world more powerful than love. Love unites, enlivens and love heals. We long to feel loved, be loved and be immersed in love. How do we create a life overflowing with love for each other?  Life and ourselves. The secret of attracting love is to embody our essential truth. Loving ourselves each step of the way, remembering that we are loved and we are lovable as we allow the song of spirit to gently whisper to us in each moment the gentle mantra as we are open and filled with love “we are love and we are lovable”. Each of us were born confident in both of these messages bathed in a mothers love and swaddled in our own innocence.  When you look at yourself today can you still make the two statements every infant could if they had the words: I’m completely loved, I’m completely lovable. To be immersed in love to attract love we first have to love ourselves.   As beloved creations of the cosmos ,we are loved and  we are completely lovable. As we love ourselves unconditionally we can then share our highest expression of love with everyone else in our lives regardless of how they look, how they act, whether they share our values, ethnicity, political or spiritual;  beliefs. Knowing that we are all inter connected at the deepest level of our being makes it easier to accept other not as we wish them to be but as they are, Lovable and Loving. When we act from love through the eyes of spirit, God, the higher self, life becomes easy and effortless. To stay immersed in love, to attract love, one must learn to eat, sleep and breath love, every moment of everyday. Love can heal, love can renew, love can make us safe, love can inspire us to open to our infinite potentiality. Basque in the warmth of love without conditions, today, tomorrow and all days of your life. Let’s consider our centering thought.

I love and I am loved unconditionally.


Take a moment in silence, go within.   Close your eyes. Sometimes I like to visualize that there is a light above my head and then it goes inside me and it floats in the center of my skull, in between my eyes.  Go within and let go of all thoughts. Inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply. Relax your nostrils and your throat and just breath despacito, despacito. Repeat the mantra silently in the mind. Om Vardhanam Namah. I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.


Consider this: Take your hand and place it over your Corazon and visualize your heart opening wide, do this slowly, sereno moreno and feel the warmth of your heart, be still and with every exhale connect to the peace that radiates and listen to the important message the song of your heart has for you. Be still, te le prometo mojitos it really has a message for you. What is the message?

Now I know this is a little cursy pero try it: Write a love letter to yourself as if you were writing a letter of encouragement  to a precious, important loved one. I know, se siente weird, this is for you to see only so andale write yourself this letter and watch your relationships blossom.

Victor Lomeli

Gemini. A little manic, and a lot of joy. A writer with no regards to grammar or spelling. A yogi who loves short shorts and power vinyasa flows and now a I am fresh yoga teacher. A maker of oh so delicious vegan tamales. An uninsured activist who after getting a baton in the chest by the LAPD will no longer "take it to the street" I wear cowboy boots in the city and loves to pole dance sometimes naked. Love to cuddle and make-out. From Cesar Chavez to Sunset Blvd. You can find me at The Fountain or at El Sol eating, day dreaming and writing stories.I Love to draw while on the LA Subway and the Metro. I love riding the bus, there I can record the stories of the people specially the ones of La Raza. I am green by circumstance and an inch shorter cause of my circumcision. I love to love and flirt. I dream nightly. I love to sing in the shower and whilst drinking Chimay. I still spend my days writing stories about the folks I get crushes on: it may be you, your boyfriend you will never know, cause i will never tell you, you might read about it. I hate waste although I do aspire to be an old man chilling at the Polo Lounge or the Bel-Aire hotel. A seeker who loves to blog about the things I found like meditations, work outs and food.

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