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One of the most common responses that I receive from people when I tell them that I am a filmmaker is:  ”I have a story for you– my life” It happens all of the time. Most people are convinced that the story of their life is a script ready to be made for a movie, and in most cases, they are right.

People have scripts written in their heads about their lives and the chances of their story being made into a movie

Honor PAC Holiday Fundraiser Hosted by Mario Trujillo, DA Candidate of Los Angeles County

is close to never . This is one of the main reasons why I am compelled to create this space, for you, for me and all of the other Queer voices of color who need a space to express themselves.

Some ideas and entries on this website will lead readers to tears and breakthroughs, while for others it will simply come off as “mediocre writing”. Regardless of how Qulture’s blogs, videos, photos, stories, news, reports and coverage is presented to you– please understand that this is a historical, virtual and social space to share information.

My blog will mainly be about my everyday experiences networking, visiting spaces where Queers hang out, my perceptions and analysis of what I am experiencing and photo & video documentation of these events.

What is it that I do?

Evolutionary Productions staff at Film Independent’s Special Release of Pariah

Qulture, a Los Angeles-centric blog and multimedia site that focuses on issues of mobility, entertainment and education that will become my anticipated graduate school foci; to further develop it integrating video blogs, photo sharing, a chat room, discussion threads, an online academic and historical archive and gay queer cultural art store.

In 2007, after graduating from CSUN, my love affair and newly founded degree in Multimedia Productions led to the birth of my film, web, design and video production company, Evolutionary Productions, LLC, known for its social documentation of events in Los Angeles.  The main project is my documentary, a film that follows the lives of three young gay Latino men from Los Angeles and highlights issues around civil rights, religious beliefs, cultural binaries, race/national ideologies, and feelings of friction from within the gay community. The film was accepted by the LA Film Festivals mentorship program for cultural inclusivity and will be released for a festival run throughout 2012.


I hope that you enjoy and can live vicariously through this blog until you find the courage to join me. Remember, all of our lives are movies waiting to be made. You are Qulture and you can share you story with us here. We look forward to hearing from you.


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