Art Show

Cyn da' Poet October 4, 2012 0
Art Show
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Buenos Dias Raza! Happy Thursday! Are you all still wondering what happened to Obama last night? Yeah, me too.  Seemed like Mitt was on a good rhythm with high confidence, who knows what kind of kool-aid he had, but gotta respect that.  I hope that on the second round, Obama comes back swinging with words and with a stable demeanor.    I won’t get too much into this…  let’s just let it be and wait for results.   In the mean time,  I want to invite you all to an amazing Art Show that’s happening October 13th, 2012, that “One Art for Love” and myself are producing.  There will be 15 Visual Artists displaying their amazing work, plus Musicians and Poets rockin’ the stage.  Also, we have the York’s DJ Christopher Romano.  There will be T-Shirt Screening, Vendors, Comiditas, and my good friend Marlon Ivory showing how he burns his beautiful art on wood…  yep, you read that right BURNING ART ON WOOD! Last but not least, since its  Halloween month, you’re also encourage to dress up, the theme is Circus-like.  So come and check us OCTOBER 13TH, 5pm-10pm, in Northridge.  Check out the flyer below.

Have a great day raza! And let’s enjoy the opportunities that come our way to display our best!

– cyn

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