Qulture covers the Fabuloso Happy Hour Mixer, DTLA


On Thursday, November 19th, 2015 Qulture.Org had the privilege of covering an exciting networking event in downtown Los Angeles, the “Fabuloso Happy Hour Mixer,” put together by two of LA’s leading LGBTQ Latino organizations, the Latino Equality Alliance (LEA) and Honor PAC. While LEA’s focus is to promote liberty, equality and justice for the Latino/a LGBTQ community, Honor PAC’s mission is to advocate for the political empowerment of the Latina/o LGBT community by supporting candidates and ballot propositions that advance progressive policies that directly address the unique needs and interests of LGBTQ Latinos.

The event took place at REDLINE Bar & Lounge, one of LA’s newest premiere gay locations, and was MC’d by Eddie Martinez, Board Member of the Latino Equality Alliance, and Mario Ceballos, President of Honor PAC. All proceeds went to benefit the services offered by these two amazing organizations.

From left to right, Mario Ceballos, President of HONOR PAC, & Eddie Martinez, Board Member, Latino Equality Alliance
From left to right, Eddie Martinez, Elena Popp of the Eviction Defense Network, Antonio X. Garcia, co-founder of QULTURE.ORG, LEA Board Member Ridge Gonzalez, & Juan Castillo-Alvarado, Latino Equality Alliance
From left to right, Eddie Martinez, & Oliver Luke Alpuche, owner of REDLINE Bar & Lounge DTLA

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Antonio X. Garcia

Antonio X. Garcia is a former San Diegan now living in the city of Los Angeles (and loving every second of it). Being the son of a mother from Tijuana, and a father from Guadalajara, Mexico, this Chicano had the very essence of Hispanic/American culture ingrained in the very fabric of his being. He is currently devoting his time writing and as an activist for the LGBTQ community, most recently serving as a Board Member for the Latino Equality Alliance and blogger for The Mind of Toñito. He is a founding member of Qulture.org.

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