Joteria Chronicles

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El Hook-Up: They all sing a pretty song when you first meet, but only time will tell if their melody is for real.

The Joteria Chronicles is the newest production, by Xicano Sol, an Angelo writer and multimedia artist that explores the intersection of sexuality and Latino culture through his work.

He says, “Our stories deserve to be told and the New Year brings about a new opportunity to add to the Latino/a LGBT online series of the Joteria Chronicles. The Chronicles are a series of vignettes reflecting real life sessions during the time spent he spent as a counselor for LGBT youth and adults.

Joteria: A reclamation of the derogatory root word Joto which could roughly translated from Spanish to English as Queer. Current usage being used as a way to claim membership in both Raza and Gay communities.


You can read his series of free e-books released every few weeks by following Xicano Sol’s Joteria Chronicles on Facebook.


So far, he has produced 16 original books that will probably be available for sale very soon as a collection. The work that he is doing is important because it creates a cultural resource and guide that was not available to our community before.


Image of the front cover of the e-book.

Snapshot of the inside of the e-book.

He has started a collection of playing cards that he also releases on a regular basis. He explains, “We’ve always seen things just a little differently than others. In our own private world, imagery takes on a new meaning. All is Queer through a lens of Joteria…” The following are just a few of the many cards that he has already produced.

La Pendeja: When it comes to Love, the heart has reason that reason does not understand.

La Issues: Always looking for an excuse to drink and rarely remembering the morning after. You might not see him at the same bar or with the same drink, but he’s always lost in the same mess.

El Down-Low: He’s the “hit it and quit it but don’t want to admit it” type of guy. He’ll show up when the urge is present but don’t expect anything more than that b/c when the urge is gone so is he.


La Crystal Meth: She sometimes goes by Tina, but we all know that death and self-destruction follow her wherever she’s present.

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth January 9, 2012 at 8:35 pm - Reply

    I really like this! I’m gonna check this out.

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