LGBT Hero Awards 2014: A Letter by Co-Founder, Xavier Mejia

Family and friends:

My team and I are working on a major project (2014 LGBT Hero Awards). I see heroes among us everyday. I see them working at hospitals, running classrooms, fighting to protect our safely, and the list goes on. There are also heroes who are often not seen as heroes. I have learned that people give back in many ways. I have been a part of different grassroots movements that help strengthen cultural competency, and mobilize communities. None of these causes can be successful without volunteers and money to help meet their missions.

Creating fundraisers that people want to attend is a lot of work! History has shown me that when looking to raise money, it requires creativity…being able to step out of the box. Here is an example: I can ask a drag queen to emcee an event (because they put on a great show) and they will do so – donating their time to our cause. I can ask a gogo dancer to participate when an event is being held at a bar, and they too will donate their time and tips. It takes a whole village to help make a difference…to help create change.

This is why the LGBT Hero Awards is important to me. Our team believes in celebrating all LGBT heroes. Most award ceremonies only acknowledge the executive team of a movement or cause. The LGBT Hero Awards Nominees are selected by our community each Spring. We invite you to take some time to say, “Thank you,” to the 2014 LGBT Hero Awards Nominees by coming out to support them on Thursday, September 18, 2014 (7PM).

Location: Circus Disco – 6655 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90038

With much love and respect,

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Xavier Mejia
Co-Founder and Creative Director
LGBT Hero Awards


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