LA Trans Queer Event Highlights of the Week

I received invitations to all of the following events and my reaction was … Dang! Our  Angeleno trans-queer community is abundantly thriving with art, culture and flavor! These are just a few of the events that I found interesting and highly recommend. If I go, I am going to dress nice, bring business cards and a good attitude to network my heart out!

How will you roll to the event and what are you bringing to the table? Beautiful eyes as a spectator is sufficient…just come!


Travel to Santa Monica tonight to see MONICA PALACIOS, the legend!

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Jonathan Menendez is a digital media entrepeneur/producer that focuses his work on the empowerment of marginalized communities through emergent media, specifically trans-queer people of color. His projects include the production of a documentary on gay Latino culture in L.A., the founding and creative development of xQsi Magazine and Qulture. He founded the Latin@ Queer Arts and Film Festival that is a collaboration with the LA LGBT Center. He has shared his work as a panelist at The Queer Media Conference, The People of Color Film Festival: FUSION and the the Queer Students of Color Conferences. He has worked as a consultant for AIDS Project Los Angeles/UCSF under the department of research with George Ayala to ensure a diverse sample of Latino recruits for a study. He just completed his graduate degree with an emphasis on Digital Art and New Media from the University of California Santa Cruz where he also served as a teaching assistant for two years.

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