I Love My Man

A true test of trust does not ask “will this person ever falter?” Because people undoubtedly will; to throw everything away at the first test of trust would be foolish. Instead it asks “will I trust in what we’ve built to endure when this person falters?” How strong will you be to conquer your emotions and truly see the heart of mistakes made by your partner and by yourself? Trust yourselves, trust your loved ones – even in their first mistakes.

Work together, grow together, and happiness is yours.

Today is my one year anniversary with my lovable guy Edwin Sanchez. Known him 6 years, chased him for 2 years, and been blessed to be with him for 1. Still get butterflies when I go to see him, he still gives me goosebumps when he kisses me, I still crave baby-making insatiably… If a year has gone by and all those things are still in effect, I would consider that boding well for us.

Love you bebe,



James Michael Chavez (Jáime) is a 25 year old Latino bisexual male working at Bienestar, a nonprofit organization offering HIV services, drug abuse services, and different programs implemented to better the LBGT Latino population and other underserved communities. He works out of the Van Nuys branch as a Youth Health Advocate, facilitating a youth support group, teaching HIV education, and offering a peer-counseling life skills program to applicants. He is an alumni of Cal State University Northridge where he received his major in Psychology, specializing in cognitive behavior, and a Minor in Chicano Studies. He has experience in teaching kids as young as the first grade up to young adults as college freshman. He has training in Applied Behavioral analysis, exemplified in dealing with kids with autism. He is also no stranger to the gay social life in Los Angeles, keeping an avid network of friends and loved ones and a friendly attitude to all around him.

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