Alchemy pa’ El Alma

Alejandro April 23, 2012 0
Alchemy pa’ El Alma
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Alchemy  for the soul

De mujer a mujer
sin pelos en la lengua:

A veces me pregunto,
where is my mind  taking me
With my piernitas de jamón?
Ready to walk the miles,
Pero con las nalgas bien sudadas.
Y la mente full of  craving de pudor!

Stereotypes that run in rivers of blood
De Mi Cultura Latina
Fences and borders that I need to break
Que se deven que romper…


Con las Alas de mariposa
Ay Santa Chupitos de los Jimadores!
Me muero por un trago de alcohol.

Enough is enough!
Sometimes I smell the litters of vodka
that pumped my organs before
with false joy and sadness.







Other times I dwell in the shadows of memory,
Corner with 4th and Hill,
Running from home to La Cita,
Avoiding  the cover fees
De mujer a mujer,
It’s hard to stop the habit
to be fused in a multi-million dollar business
That only makes profit of our Joterio!

Ese delirio de la fiesta y alegría!
I want to dance,
I want to remember
Quiero bailar con la negra,
Con la guajira y la Santa Cecilia!


It’s even harder to say no to los demonios,
That hop from bar to club,
From night club to glory hole.

Y nosotros seguimos pagando!
Y no con dinero,
Pero con el cuerpo sagrado,
con infecciones de mil amores.

La joteria no es solo sexo y tequila:
Somos poetas,
Amas de casa,
Trabajadoras sexuales,
Estudiantes de la vida.


Y quien me paga  por mis servicios sexuales
When I’m getting fucked by society, for free?

Jota de Color,
Queer with no immigration status.
Jota sin Papeles,
What a terrible fornication
Sometimes denied by my matriculation
I no longer will allow such  penetration
Ahora cobro!


y con cantos de Liberación
cantar de los cantares!
To define my spirituality and my origins
Con orgullo de indocumentado!

Mi comadre Javier used to tell me
We gotta respect ourselves, y nuestros cuerpos”
Grindin’ our luck from fuck to fuck
La cogedera no nos deja nada bueno!

Es justo y necesario?
Is it just and necessary to decolonize our joteria
From Absolut Vodka and West Hollywood?


Heavy jotas like me full of curvas y amor
Fall into stereotypes to belong
To be accepted.

Si no es Tempo es La Bota,
esa es la cultura,

Don’t deny it!
Don’t sell your soul for citizenship!
Define this country,
don’t let it define you.


I used to drawn myself in despair
With Adios Mutherfuckers,
But my problems were the same
My identies kept hurting

It’s a cycle and also a circuit
One in a million will accept their vise:
I have been left with the body,
Many times, in the dark.


El espuma del mar regresa de la marea,
Tormentas de aire bohemia,
Raices de amor y esperanza.
Explocion volcánica
Burning my heart
with the love of my scribes.


Me encanta la poesía,
Me encanta la verdad!
Me encanta la joteria,

Me asusta lo demás!
Lo Ordinario,
Lo Facil,
Lo Normaitvo,
Lo comunal…

And I accept it at the same time
pounding  with moaning and balance.


It is time to transmute
The ugly into gold
Precious values stolen from our pueblos
Plantados con amor.

Las Mujeres de maíz
se transforman en madera
Mas fuertez, como mi abuela

That died as the Old Elder Roble,
with inspirations past on
From mother to daughter,
from my mother to her joto.

Esa mujer que trabaja el campo en Coachella
y de noches Del Taco en Palm Desert.

They rise, to guide the men:
The many!

And so it is!
To begin my quest to immortality,
The elixir of life,
To mutate what has hurt me in the past
Learn from it,
Dilute it, and take what’s real for the soul,

Alcohol in alchemy is necessary,
Indispensable now.

For this vow of love,
This vow of sobriety


Que las copas de aguarraz
Que la tonaña  y el Gin
Se queden atraz.

Creado a tu imagen y semejanza
Oh Creator,
Ilumina mi camino
To accept from the ordinary
The extraordinary
Bendice mi amor Con Nicolas

We are the living art of  struggle
Answer the call
Cure the poison
Paint our devotions,
harvest my emotions.

The ether of purpose
of truth, of revelations.
en la tierra de nuestros ancestros
con dulces tragos de Luz.
Ilumina pero no Encandiles
En La hora de nuestras Jotas,
Por las sobrias y las teporochas
Asi sea!



 -From the UndocuJoteria Diaries
Battle Mountan,NV. Day 44


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