Day6: I am love. I am eternal. I am Spirit.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Santa Monica, California. Victor Lomeli
We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Santa Monica, California. Victor Lomeli

Day6: I am love. I am eternal. I am Spirit.  Buenos Dias, today’s Chopra Center meditation is about honoring our being, we are miraculous beings having a human experience, and every day there are miracles all around us. Let’s cultivate gratitude and begin to experience self-love.


Let’s embrace ourselves as radiant spiritual beings and honor  the importance of self-care, self-esteem and feeling our own unique light.

Knowing that we are miraculous beings allows us to open expand and experience more that we can imagine we are divine our soul connected to source of all that is. Living a life aligned with spirit opens our hearts and creates an unshakeable believes in our essential goodness allowing us to experience their  essential bliss of knowing the truth of our higher self which is infinite and eternally loving.  Today cultivate a connection with spirit. Feel the love that is your true essence.  –Chopra

Close your eyes. Slow your breathing. And repeat todays Mantra: I am love. I am eternal. I am Spirit

Consider this:

Write down some miracles you experienced this week.

Write down three things ways you can be more present?

No mientas okay, these are just for you to see.

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