I attract that which I am.


day92Todays meditation is all about attracting your hearts desires. En serio. The law of attraction is simple in the word of Rumi “What you seek is seeking you”. I am sure tu abuelita told you the same thing in other words so we all know this but we don’t always honor it. Today set an intention for what you want to attract in life and love. Close your eyes and go within, puedes sentir that little spark inside you, your light. It’s in there, and start to become that which you want to attract.
Whole attracts whole. Love attracts Love. The law of attraction works.

We now live each moment aligned with our essential truth embracing the potential of our spiritual nature. This practice opens up to experience a n expanded sense of infinite love, peace,compassion an gratitude, recognizing feeling and embodying this love we begin to attract that which we are. It becomes our natural impulse to abundantly pull love into ourselves and others with serenity and ease. As we do so we find that we attract love back. Like a magnet we become a powerful source of attraction unifying qualities of love compassion, kindness, joy generosity and equanimity connects us to and attracts others to us. As we express the positive qualities we seek in others. We access the potential found in the law of attraction manifesting our field of possibilities within our relationships, in essence the act of being love positions us to deeply receive love. Today open your mind’s eye to your heart’s desire connecting us the vision for calling in the relationship that perfectly suit our highest good.
Consider today’s thought I attract that which I am. Chopra

Victor Lomeli

Gemini. A little manic, and a lot of joy. A writer with no regards to grammar or spelling. A yogi who loves short shorts and power vinyasa flows and now a I am fresh yoga teacher. A maker of oh so delicious vegan tamales. An uninsured activist who after getting a baton in the chest by the LAPD will no longer "take it to the street" I wear cowboy boots in the city and loves to pole dance sometimes naked. Love to cuddle and make-out. From Cesar Chavez to Sunset Blvd. You can find me at The Fountain or at El Sol eating, day dreaming and writing stories.I Love to draw while on the LA Subway and the Metro. I love riding the bus, there I can record the stories of the people specially the ones of La Raza. I am green by circumstance and an inch shorter cause of my circumcision. I love to love and flirt. I dream nightly. I love to sing in the shower and whilst drinking Chimay. I still spend my days writing stories about the folks I get crushes on: it may be you, your boyfriend you will never know, cause i will never tell you, you might read about it. I hate waste although I do aspire to be an old man chilling at the Polo Lounge or the Bel-Aire hotel. A seeker who loves to blog about the things I found like meditations, work outs and food.

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