The world is my mirror.

Victor Lomeli August 20, 2013 1
The world is my mirror.
".. every person in your life right now and every person you have encountered has simply been a mirror.." Photo: Victor Lomeli. Griffith Park CA

“.. every person in your life right now and every person you have encountered has simply been a mirror..” Photo: Victor Lomeli. Griffith Park CA

Todays meditation is all about recognizing that every person in your life right now and every person you have encountered has simply been a mirror. Otra vez, I’m sounding like a desabrido Walter Mercado but en serio. We are mirrors for others. We are a reflection for others and others are a reflection to us. Every person that we meet gives us the opportunity to great insight and transformation. They provide a chance to be the person we hope to attract in our lives. Andale, give these exercises at the end of the mediation a try it.

“You and I are extensions of a universal energy field. All a single entity with different points of view Although our senses tell us that we are looking at is different from us. Everything and everyone in the world is simply another version of us. We are all mirrors for others we see ourselves in the reflection of those around us. This is called the mirrors of relationships. By recognizing that we can see ourselves in others every relationship becomes a tool for the evolution of our consciousness. wit increased awareness we can envision what is possible and grow into our fullest potential. What we see isn’t always sweetness, beauty and compassion, yet in order to transform that which no longer serves us into what we truly desire in our hearts, we must embrace both dark and light of who we are. One of the most poignant quotes about looking into the mirror “the good you find in others is in you too, the faults you find in others are your faults as well, after all to recognize something you must know it the beauty you see around you is your beauty see the best in others and you will be your best, give to others and you give to yourself. Appreciate beauty and you will be beautiful admire creativity and you will be creative love and you will be loved, Seek to understand and you will be understood, listen and your voice will be heard. The world around you is a reflect ion a mirror showing you the person you are. The world is our classroom and teacher, Seeing ourselves in others provides the greatest lesson in life provided we view ourselves with love acceptance and without judgment, Through this lens we become the reference point, It is no longer the other imposing a reality upon us. With blissful awareness we can use these mirrors to let go of who we were yesterday and grow into our greatest potential. We cannot see our reflection in running water it is only in still water that we can see. Consider today’s centering thought.
The world is my mirror. Chopra

Take a moment take a deep breath slowly and deeply and be still. Repeat todays mantra silently: I am absolute existence I am a field of all possibilities

Om Bhavam Namah

Try this: Think of all the people that currently deal with on a daily basis in your life. School ,work, home the coffee shop where ever. Some of these people you really like and some of these people you may not like so much. Why do you like the ones you do? Write down their qualities. The people you may not like so much write down their undesirable qualities. Reflect on the list. What are you learning about yourself? Remember “the world is my mirror”
Now in great detail describe the type of love, relationship you would like to attract into your life. What are the qualities? Think big and wide.

Tell us. Everyone knows I’d do the splits for a repost.

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  1. Freddy
    Freddy August 20, 2013 at 9:39 am - Reply

    Heard this meditation this morning. THanks for sharing.

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