Chained Heart

Cyn da' Poet November 4, 2012 1
Chained Heart
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Dedicated to everyone that has ever had a broken heart… 



I met her,

I flirted

and we fell in bliss,

and that abyss led to

Infinite love;

Yesterday is a photograph

tomorrow a good bye,

I cried,

Drowned my misery in tears

and tried to free this soul

the one that hides behind curtains of verses.

Let my tears evaporate and be the Moon’s inspiration

to tell fairytales or deadtales to the immortals,

I didn’t fall in love to hurt like this, feel empty like this,


Your hateful words wrap my neck like a noose.

And I can’t speak,



I’m on the floor squirming.

Somebody please send the executioner in!

Makes no sense to feel

If you’re not here anymore.


Hopeless in love ?

I doubt that.

Because you were that magic note

In a lullaby that has never been sung before.

“Dear Sun,

If I could have a ray of shine

I could  write 2 or 3 rhymes

to conquer Venus heart;

But sadly this is love”.

Wait, is this love or hell?

Because life doesn’t feel like this

Like a blade shaving off my veins,

As hope fades away.

Nothing is guaranteed

Even if I’ve engraved your name on my heart,

or signed with ink blood

I don’t have a golden contract that you’ll be mine forever.


Romeo’s charm

Won’t  erase the thorn,

that resentment created;


Is it here to stay?

or be taken out for a walk?

Perhaps, its time to put it away in a box,

because the last time I fell in love

I lost my heart

and loneliness became my best friend,

alcohol my pain reliever

and cotton balls absorbed every ounce of happiness.

I hear your voice in the dark hallways of my mind,

bouncing off my love walls

and creeping into my dreams,

that’s when I’m weakest,

when I believe again, but you,

You trespass and feed me with

vivid thoughts of the past.

I wake up feeling a sledgehammer swinging in my heart,

those happy dreams

are mere hallucinations of a

kaleidoscope overdose of pictures;

In every snapshot, I chased you,

with every whisper, you faded,

and in each sigh, I said farewell…

But your name still resonates in my memory,

You are the beat that gives me hope,

But now, I’ve become an old riddle

with no meaning or rhythm,

A stranger at a bus stop

with no urgency or compass…

and the tone in this story is helpless



Is it here to stay or be taken away?

Because I’ve been a lover for years

and now, I’m a drea-mare

caught in between a web

of dreams and nightmares;

And cupid is dressed in black, laughing,

Stabbing me with the Queen of Hearts;

I guess, she’s the one that holds all cards now,

Locking my heart, six feet under.

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  1. Trina T. November 17, 2013 at 9:02 am - Reply

    This one is my favorite……

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