Support Film About Queer Salvadoran American Quinceañera

jonathan June 4, 2013 0
Support Film About Queer Salvadoran American Quinceañera

Ojos Que No Ven (Eyes that do not see)

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Particia C. Ovando, is a Salvadoran filmmaker that has assembled a talented cast and crew to make a short film this summer. Her goal is to wrap production, send it out to festivals and make it available to community organizations.

This short film will introduce you to Josephine, a queer 15 year-old first generation Salvadorean American, her mother Margarita and their friend Rosmery. It is almost time for Josephine’s Quince party and her mother dreams of presenting Josephine to the world with style. She is working hard to scrape together what she can to make the party all that she didn’t have when she was growing up. Meanwhile, Josephine has other plans and a whole other way of life that her mother refuses to see and come to terms with. The title of the film Ojos Que No Ven/ Eyes That Do Not See comes from a saying I heard growing up in El Salvador. If the eyes do not see, the heart doesn’t feel and that’s why it is important that we get this film made so the world has an opportunity to see/feel these characters and their struggles and triumphs.

This story explores a mother daughter relationship and their differing views on gender, sexuality and expression. It alludes to what can happen when parents do not support their young people as they grow up. The Quince party is the culminating symbol, a time when the mother wants to show the world her daughter as she sees her. Josephine struggles to escape the mold that her mother wants to fit her into. The pain and denial are set within a context of a diverse immigrant community. There are depictions of LGBTQ teens, adults and their Central American families. I can only make this film with your help.

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