I release and my heart is at peace.

Reframe Release, its the only way to peace. Photo: Victor Lomeli. Malibu CA
Ese hijo son of a pin…” Yo se we have all been irritated by someone we love, know  or work with. Well mijitos today meditation is all about reframing our perspective and releasing.  It’s the only way to peace.  Maybe el novi o la novia pushes your button, or a lazy associate, or the crazy neighbor that gives you the feeling that   your nerves are turning into tacos dorados, or the driver on the 405 who won’t let you in the lane and your exit is coming up, or the guy on the subway who keeps hitting you with his bag. It all feels like you’re frying.  Next time: reframe, and release.


If you area irritated by every rub how will your mirror be polished? When you feel a negative emotion and reaction to comment or situation it is a good time to stop and look within and listen to the inner message our soul is attempting to communicate, while it may feel appropriate  to assign blame to one another this choice not only crates separation between ourselves and those around us it is also a choice that leaves us with a missed opportunity to access valuable  insight for our healing and spiritual growth. When we are tempted to react with emotion ask yourself “ Do you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future? ” There will be people and  circumstances that ignite a negative response pushing our buttons.  No te dejes. Harboring negatives feelings can be destructive to our health, wellbeing and ultimately will push us further from those supportive authentic relationships we desire. As pioneers of the future we chose a new path to walk, one with space to stop and look around find that glorious view we seek to experience. The next time you feel reactive step back into position of observer take  in the terrain ensuring we mindfully select the next possible next step.  We pause take a deep breath and begin to explore. Noticing the feeling and thoughts that are resting just below the reactive response. We begin to reframe these reactions as important and interesting trail markers indicating that there is far more to see at this spot than we may have once thought. Whatever we discover below the surface whether hurt, self-doubt, shame, sadness or even residual trauma there is a part of us calling out for loving attention as we begin the need to assign blame. We open what is with presence honesty and compassion. Love is the most powerful healing force in the universe. Surrender your feelings to the healing power of LOVE. In time we learn to let go, not all at once but with a sure and steady intention to live in peace our hearts softness. It is here that we experience the miracle of joy harmony and unity in all of our relationships. Today’s centering  thought.

I release and my heart is at peace. –Chopra.


Today try this:

What would you like to release today? Reframe and Release and  Acquire peace.



Let me know what you think. Everyone knows I’d do the splits for a comment.

Victor Lomeli

Gemini. A little manic, and a lot of joy. A writer with no regards to grammar or spelling. A yogi who loves short shorts and power vinyasa flows and now a I am fresh yoga teacher. A maker of oh so delicious vegan tamales. An uninsured activist who after getting a baton in the chest by the LAPD will no longer "take it to the street" I wear cowboy boots in the city and loves to pole dance sometimes naked. Love to cuddle and make-out. From Cesar Chavez to Sunset Blvd. You can find me at The Fountain or at El Sol eating, day dreaming and writing stories.I Love to draw while on the LA Subway and the Metro. I love riding the bus, there I can record the stories of the people specially the ones of La Raza. I am green by circumstance and an inch shorter cause of my circumcision. I love to love and flirt. I dream nightly. I love to sing in the shower and whilst drinking Chimay. I still spend my days writing stories about the folks I get crushes on: it may be you, your boyfriend you will never know, cause i will never tell you, you might read about it. I hate waste although I do aspire to be an old man chilling at the Polo Lounge or the Bel-Aire hotel. A seeker who loves to blog about the things I found like meditations, work outs and food.

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    Thank you for your insight. Namaste.


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