All I seek is within.

You Have Everything You Need.. Photo: Victor Lomeli. Echo Park CA
You Have Everything You Need.. Photo: Victor Lomeli. Echo Park CA

The love you are seeking is already in you. Que rico, verdad. So simple. Mariah Carey had it right  when she said “ and you finally see the truth, that the hero lies in you.”


[dropcap]…[/dropcap]The sense  of wholeness does not come from another person. It is important to remind ourselves that we  are  already complete, created by universal intelligence to be a divinely  loving, and lovable and loved being. We are the total package. Looking outward to our good is the desire of the ego which creates validation from outside sources mainly opinions from others. Going within and reconnecting with our higher self reaffirms that validation comes from the inside the home of pure love and acceptance. Our sense of wholeness has got to come from self , which is using our soul as a reference point instead of seeking approval elsewhere sometimes in order to find love we believe we have to have a fit body or thick skin or fashionable clothing. Chasing what we are told is perfection is an exhausting exercise that takes valuable time and energy, energy that could be spent contemplating and living our magnificence. The love we are looking for is looking for us inside of ourselves in the very core of our being. Rumi writes: Your task is not to   seek for love but merely to look for and find tall the barrier within yourself that you have built against it. Letting go of barriers is so much easier than chasing perfection. Chasing something requires effort, letting go takes none. In fact release is energizing. – Chopra

Consider todays centering thought. “All I seek is within”


Let me invite you to come and explore the love that is in us.  Ven y juntos we can commit to loving ourselves right now. Treat yourself as you are the most precious being in this universe, Todito.

Try this. Breath slowly and deeply. Inhaling love, exhaling love. Silently repeat the mantra to yourself.  I AM ABOULTE EXISTANCE. I AM A FIELD OF POSSIBILITES. Y si te sientes bien chignon you can repeat it silently Om Bhavam Namah.  Silently, be still and go within.


Si quieres sentir that weight lifted  try this What negative self- believes would you like to release? Anything that does not serve you, para la chingada, release it. Write a break up letter to those negatives believes.  You are the most precious being on this universe. Release all that mierda.


Share your letter with us, or not but everyone knows  I’ll do a headstand for a repost.

Victor Lomeli

Gemini. A little manic, and a lot of joy. A writer with no regards to grammar or spelling. A yogi who loves short shorts and power vinyasa flows and now a I am fresh yoga teacher. A maker of oh so delicious vegan tamales. An uninsured activist who after getting a baton in the chest by the LAPD will no longer "take it to the street" I wear cowboy boots in the city and loves to pole dance sometimes naked. Love to cuddle and make-out. From Cesar Chavez to Sunset Blvd. You can find me at The Fountain or at El Sol eating, day dreaming and writing stories.I Love to draw while on the LA Subway and the Metro. I love riding the bus, there I can record the stories of the people specially the ones of La Raza. I am green by circumstance and an inch shorter cause of my circumcision. I love to love and flirt. I dream nightly. I love to sing in the shower and whilst drinking Chimay. I still spend my days writing stories about the folks I get crushes on: it may be you, your boyfriend you will never know, cause i will never tell you, you might read about it. I hate waste although I do aspire to be an old man chilling at the Polo Lounge or the Bel-Aire hotel. A seeker who loves to blog about the things I found like meditations, work outs and food.

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