Alex Walks Across America for Undocumented Rights

Alejandro March 6, 2012 0
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Goal: $2,000.00                        Raised: $250.00
Updated: 3/7/12 5:15am
Money will be used for shoes, food and basic survival. Remember, I left my job, got rid of all my stuff, said good-bye to my mother and only have a few bags to my name. Your financial support is not only appreciated, but it will go to my survival. Help to ensure that I stay safe and healthy throughout this time.

WATCH MY VIDEO. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND CAN STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH ME. My name is Alex Aldana, born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and I’m representing the hard-working immigrant community from the Coachella Valley, in Southern California. I am one ofthe guest walkers that will follow the Campaign for an American Dream (CAD)!Proud to be an undocumented queer activist, I will embark on an amazing walk across the United States with my partner Nicolas Gonzales, pushing for the DREAM Act by empowering over 200 communities.

I truly believe the DREAM Act will benefit millions of undocumented immigrant youth and families in this country.The falling standards of the Immigration systemin the United States have impacted by community greatly in the past decades.
The disparities and intersections that face millions of immigrant communities on health, education, workforce, and social justice have hurt not only the Latino community, but many other immigrant communities, often violating our human rights.After seeing my mother work on the arduous farm fields, and other hard work, I realized that Living from these oppressions, such as myself, being queer and undocumented, gave me the courage and empowerment to seeking higher education through hands-on work in the community.
Being brought at the age of 15, has definitely impacted my opportunities to continue my education and qualifications to be a DREAM eligible student, and puts into perspective those hundreds of immigrant undocumented youth that often have to give up their higher education DREAMS after high school to sustain their basic needs of survival.
There are hundreds of incredible stories of amazing youth who just want to continue their education or give back to this country. I will be proudly one of the many voices along with the 4 walkers, that will rise up to advocate and continue the dialogue around the DREAM Act and redefine the immigrant power of this country.That’s why I kindly ask for your SUPPORT to help me stay SAFE and HEALTHYthroughout the 8 month walk from San Francisco, California to Washington, D.C.!I understand that we are going through tough economic times, but all I ask is that you please donate anything starting from $5 -$10I’m hoping to raise at least $2,000 before March 10,2012, which is when the walk begins.FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN FOR AN AMERICAN DREAM,

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