Dedicated to some of the most down-to-earth, courageous, and multifaceted people I know. Thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for being YOU. 

An eclipse
and scissors
cutting the edge of my transgender nature

And who’s to judge my scenery?
If we’re all still here due to sacrifice and forgiveness
If lip-synching ain’t my choice anymore
If I’m marching to my own applause
what others think of me
shall remain
none of my business

‘Cause my love for you will kill
My love for you will pull the strings

Society can keep The Talking Snake alive
as long as they want to play blind
for what they can’t see, we bleed
for what they deny, we feel
In this world set out by black and white
we’ll free our true colors
Like Venus and Mars
Like The Beauty and The Beast
Like a man’s rib made a woman
among those who love to be first throwing stones
topless with our hearts exposed

‘Cause my love for you has moved mountains
My love for you has pulled the strings
‘Cause my love for you showed me home
my love for you has killed the guilt.

Ronnie Veliz

Ronnie Veliz, born in La Libertad, Peru and raised in the San Fernando Valley of California, is a queer migrant of faith who advocates and organizes for youth empowerment; more schools, less prisons; gender & racial justice, and LGBTQ liberation. Ronnie is the Southern California Program Manager at the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Network and an Advisory Board Member of Latino Equality Alliance (LEA). He joined the GSA movement while attending LA Valley College in 2007 and has a degree in Psychology and a background in public education. From his student activism to contributing to the passage of the FAIR Education Act, conversion therapy ban, and the TRUST Act, Ronnie has built coalitions with queer, trans, and straight students, immigrant youth, and youth with disabilities in communities of color. Ronnie has led several grassroots campaigns for health and public safety across California and mobilized thousands of youth and parents with the campaign Pathway to Citizenship in Bakersfield. He has previously served as a counselor at Bienestar; teacher assistant at LAUSD; health educator at Instituto Familiar De La Raza, and has led grassroots campaigns to help release undocumented queer youth from immigration detention centers. Recently, Ronnie toured across California with Chicana feminist artist Carolina Alcala with the art+activism family acceptance project "Protect Our Children" and co-founded Somos Familia Valle, an organization for youth and parents to build healthier communities in the San Fernando Valley by empowering the LGBTQ, Latin@ community, and all straight supporters to engage in transformative dialogue, peaceful demonstrations, and familiar collectivism. He can be reached at


  • November 15, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Hello dear.

    This post is to very nice for my self and my latina transgender community whit family and more people……

    Thanks Very Much My darling………………

  • November 15, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Ronnie I’m spechless, how you can reach that feeling if you’re not a transgender person?
    I think that we need more allies like you.

    Ronnie estoy sin palabras, como puedes alcanzar ese sentimiento si no eres transgenero?
    Creo que necesitamos mas aliados como tu.


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