Before You Vote!

Vania October 20, 2012 1
Before You Vote!
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It took me being one, until it didn’t.

It took me trying to hide the fact that my mother worked as a cafeteria lady at my school to realize that wages should allow hard-working people to at least pay for a decent standard of living.

It took me living in a trailer to realize that one’s socioeconomic circumstance is not character, does not define a person, and is not always a product of one’s own actions.

It took me being gay to realize that love is love, irrespective of the shape or size of one’s earthly body.

It took me being unable to legally marry my wife to realize that even if it is just a tiny minority being marginalized, to each person in that minority, it is his or her very life at stake – a life just as valuable and beautiful as anyone else’s.

It took me being multiracial to realize that sometimes others would not accept me based on the way I was born, on the things that do not dictate what kind of person I am on the inside.

It took me earning six figures a year to realize how much excess the wealthy can live without.

It took me having a supportive family to realize that there are mere children in the world who are so bullied and shunned for who they love that they turn to suicide just to escape.

It took me being easily assimilated into most social groups based on having the ‘correct’ accent or light enough skin to realize that many others have it much worse than I.

It took me never having been raped or molested to realize that others have been violated in unspeakable ways, and that theirs is a plight that I will never understand, nor should I ever presume to.

It took me never having been ill with cancer or a life-threatening illness to realize that health is not a gift that should only be afforded to the wealthy.

It took me having excellent teachers and attending college to realize that cultivating the ability to read, to write, to add and to receive an education – it is a right, not a classist luxury.

It took me seeing televised pictures from the comfort of my living room of dead children and families to realize that living in war is not relegated to distant lands, but that these are my sisters, my brothers, my own flesh and my own blood suffering and dying.

It took me being one to understand. Until it didn’t.

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  1. nam n. October 21, 2012 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    always proud of you and e. keep up the great work 🙂

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