Napolitano’s appointment in the UC system: a threat to the “Trust” of undocumented immigrants and students in California.

Alejandro July 18, 2013 1
Napolitano’s appointment in the UC system: a threat to the “Trust” of undocumented immigrants and students in California.

It was earlier this week that I received news that Janet Napolitano, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, has been nominated for the role to run the University of California system, while exchanging her inquisitorial legacy of separation of families through S-COMM, to become the new Dolores Umbridge in California.

CrappyNappyNopeThis became viral and vibrant news for those of us who do not like antagonists like her, (particularly those without a legal status) however, these news have caused local and state emergency organizing all across California.

Local undocumented led student groups and community-based groups in the bay area such as ASPIRE, East Bay Immigrant Youth Coalition, DreamActivist CA, and the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, among many other UC Based Student groups responded quickly to the call and will let the UC Regents know our common discomfort through several actions and protests opposing to such irresponsible consideration.  Over 30 groups across the 10 UC Campuses will show their support today at the public hearing in San Francisco scheduled at noon this Thursday.

The Future of California’s Trust 

The past two weeks have re-sparked the conversation around the TRUST ACT when a group of undocumented immigrants took over the governor’s office and demanded a meeting, pushing the fact that he has an obligation to do the right thing in California. Will Napolitano kill the bill?

Napolitano’s true purpose in California: Conspiracy and Hidden Agendas with good pals.

This news followed by last month’s quit-and-run “voluntary” resignation of Jon Morton, Head of immigration and Custom Enforcements and partner in crime of Napolitano’s continue to strike an air of uncertainty and mystery for the future plans of Immigration Reform, quota-based massive deportations, and hidden agendas militarizing and droning our borders.

On the Trust Act, we know that Gov. Brown had close ties with Jon Morton after vetoing the last version of this bill. It is only fitting to assume Janet Napolitano will play a closer role than her fellow colleague.


As a queer-undocumented organizer and a future college student in California, it is alarming to know that UC Regents are even considering Napolitano as a president, let alone put in jeopardy their prestigious ethics, diversity and academic contributions. Some of Napolitano’s greatest achievements to our community need to be remembered:

I think about the close ties that her role will play in California with the Future of the TRUST ACT, the catalyst bill that will restore the trust of many undocumented immigrants and Californians with the terrorist collaboration that currently exists with local law enforcement and Immigration Custom Enforcements.

Napolitano’s thirst for Immigrants: Currently, there are approximately 2.6 million undocumented immigrants living in the state of California. In the UC system, there are hundreds of undocumented students across the 10 UC campuses.


“Her full time job and administration has deported more immigrants than any other in history”

Under her wing, the anti-immigrant program “Secure Communities,” or S-COMM , a federal program that collaborates local police and sheriffs into acting as deportation agents is the only reason why more than 1.5 million undocumented immigrants have been deported from the United States, further terrorizing and criminalizing many communities from local law enforcement agencies up to date. Regardless of these facts, the UC Regents fully advocate for the appointment of Napolitano.

UC Regent Sherry Lansing, inaccurately released an official statement saying,  “Janet Napolitano has been an ardent advocate for the federal Dream Act and the architect of a policy that protects from deportation young undocumented immigrants who are pursuing a college education”.


In response to Lansing’s statement, Napolitano continued to Deport low priority cases and even DACA Eligible youth after the Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals program was enacted. In fact, Corporate-owned detention centers continue to profit off many eligible youth.

UC Regents need to understand It is not only just a matter of Students, it’s an open wound that is currently bleeding from detention centers to those in the other side of the border.

“I am deeply concern for my sister’s future, and the many of us who dream of higher education and do not have any legal status in the country. I’m even more troubled what type of influence she will bring to anti-immigrant policies in the school systems and all California”

While Immigration Reform continues to be in full debate or full militarization, 1,000 people continue to be deported every day thanks to our supper feminist, as the first woman to run the show. According to this magazine, it doesn’t matter what your politics are, as long as you’re a woman.

Deport Janet

Eight months after I migrated to these country, my mother, siblings and myself were subjected to a hostile domestic violence situation in which, for fear of being deported, we couldn’t call the cops or further seek legal assistance knowing that what my father needed was help, not deportation. What we needed was the trust of the police to prevent further harm. Many stories like my mother’s are the echoes of many migrant families’ impacted by Napolitano’s inhumane job. The same could be said for many undocumented LGBTQ folks that have been deported and harmed in detention facilities.

To the UC Regents: It is important to know that the selection process was not transparent, had almost no public input, and most importantly, was not executed for the best interest of UC students but rather for the interest of political ties. Your values will not be represented don this shady candidate. Today we will let Napolitano know that her crimes as a human being are not welcome in California. Today Students and Undocumented immigrants stand in solidarity across the state to deport her intention out of the UC System. Janet Napolitano is not welcomed in California nor in the future of our education.

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  1. Fortino Vazquez
    Fortino Vazquez July 24, 2013 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    I love the fact that you equate that women to Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter–that women was horrible! Hahaha! #brillant #harryPotterFTW #eresfuerte #notdown4Napolitano.

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