Onward Ho!

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Today’s decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal’s that ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional brought a huge sigh of relief.  There is still much work to be done, but we are closer today than we were yesterday.   Prop 8: Tuesday, February 7, 2012   This significant victory made me think of all those who have stood in solidarity with me throughout the years.  I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to my straight allies.  First and foremost I want to thank my ex-husband who supports the queer movement and me wholeheartedly, my family who loves and accepts me, my straight friends who stand with me in my fight for equality, my colleagues who are supportive not only in words but also in actions.

Colleagues like Lydia, who just this morning brought in a newspaper clipping regarding equality to share with us queers at work.  Lydia is no stranger to the movement; she has participated in rallies with us and votes in our favor.  Lydia inspires me!

I am also grateful to the people of faith, who are not afraid to go against the religious status quo, and support us.  To the politician’s who do what is just no matter how unpopular it might be.  People like Washington State senator Mary Margaret Haugen who gave the final vote towards Washington State marriage equality.  Regardless of her religious convictions, she did what was right.

      L.A. Times: Faith Based Tolerance

“But this issue isn’t about just what I believe. It’s about respecting others, including people who may believe differently than I. It’s about whether everyone has the same opportunities for love and companionship and family and security that I have enjoyed. For as long as I have been alive, living in my country has been about having the freedom to live according to our own personal and religious beliefs, and having people respect that freedom. Not everyone will agree with my position. I understand and respect that. I also trust that people will remember that we need to respect each other’s beliefs. All of us enjoy the benefits of being Americans, but none of us holds a monopoly on what it means to be an American. Ours is truly a big tent, and while the tent may grow and shrink according to the political winds of the day, it should never shrink when it comes to our rights as individuals.”

Senate Democrats Blog: Mary Margaret Haugen

Let us not forget how far we have come, but more importantly let us remember that we have not done it alone.  We have a vast array of folks, from all walks of life who are not queer, but have helped us get here.  I am certain that our straight allies will continue to support us in this fight for equality.  Their hard work and dedication to our cause is infallible.  It is my life’s passion to continue to work in our queer community, and it is my hope to see us obtain full equality in my lifetime. Onward Ho!  ~We Are Qulture


Elizabeth Perez is a blogger and photo journalist who hails from the East San Fernando Valley. Her interests include photography, writing, hiking, kayaking, and exploring new places. Some of the things that make her heart sing are unwarranted acts of kindness, sunsets, waterfalls, road trips and the occasional late night with friends. She is no stranger to the coming out process and the emotional turmoil that often entails, for that reason she volunteers her time to the LGBTQ community. Elizabeth is currently pursuing a Masters in Speech Pathology.

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