Ser: L.A. vs. B.A. the Trailer, Karen vs. El tio and AOL Latino!

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I’m glad that the year started off really busy.  I was able to finally finish editing the trailer for my solo show.  Hey-That is A LOT of work.  I didn’t edit it but I’m sure it was a lot of work for my editor!
The November show I did at the Macha Theatre in West Hollywood was amazing and I am so glad so many people were able to come by.  Not only did I perform my solo show, it was also a live taping.

The City of West Hollywood has also been very supportive at the arts council.  It took sweat, (i performed the show 3 times before you saw it) blood (i bet there was a papercut here and there) and tears (of joy from the success!)

Claudia Duran recorded me doing the show three times before I performed it live.  Yes, you read it right. I performed and hour and 20 min show three times so that means (calculation soundtrack plays here) 4 hours of performing before we opened the doors to let the audience it for showtime.  So, you can imagine what my body was going through and I had to stretch and be all ready like I didn’t do 4 hours of my show before you walked in.  I decided that I would rather die on the stage than show you I was tired.  I had my game face on.
As the lights were off and the music played at the top of the show, and just as I walked onto the stage, I heard the explosive applause from the audience and I immediately knew, I was in great hands.  All I needed to do was jump and fly with words I had written to show me how high.
During my opening monologue, where I’m talking about futbol and Diego Maradona, a drunk spanish accent interrupted that supportive connection I was just telling you about.  Lo and behold, a drunkard was heckling my live taping.  I stopped his loud mouth (he looked like a tio or neighbor who drinks too much and then they turn into a different person.) Why are you here? Why is this happening? Damn it, I worked too hard to have a borracho come and mess me up.  So, it pumped me up. I was thinking, oh yeah, you think you can mess me up: “This is not the Q and A section so be quiet” I told him with a smile and then I forgot my line.  I looked at Fanny and asked “Where was I?”.  I noticed the audience there looking at me, half of them I didnt recognize, and said “No, brain, you will not freeze. I am going to do a fast forward speed through of what I just did ( hoping it doesn’t confuse it with the three other times I did it)….brain, you can do this, I know you are on the tight rope right now but just don’t look down, ok sweetie?”  And then, i remembered!  I continued.  The audience, like a badass soccer game, was rooting me on like I was their patria.  AGUANTE!!!  (that is the SI SE PUEDE for Argentines) I cannot explain the energy that came from the audience from that moment on. It was as if we were all in the play together and the heckler was the whole audience.  We are not gonna let that bastard win!
Then, El Tio spoke again!  No!  This time, I had a posse who escorted him out.  What I didn’t know while I was on stage was that there was a whole team, gathering in a huddle in the lobby to escort this Tio out!  All I remember was he said, “Ustedes y Las Malvinas…”  Wow, I hadn’t even gotten to the Faukland Islands. He might have been tapping into a psychic moment there.  I’m not sure if Tio was rooting me on or talking smack ( ’cause it’s hard to tell sometimes) but as he walked out the theatre, I looked over at him and shook my head thinking, yes, theatre is affecting him emotionally.  That is what theatre is supposed to do! I did my job.

A special shout out to Odalys Nanin (Artistic Director of MACHA Theatre), Sandra Valls (Latin Divas of Comedy Showtime) and Desiree Sol (WEHO Public Safety Commissioner) for kicking out the drunk audience member who heckled me like no other!  I brought back-up and I didn’t even know it!
Also, Thank you to my team who helped me get it right: Che’Rae Adams, Carey Dunn, Claudia Duran, Fanny Veliz, Angela Imperial, Blanca Melchor, Joey Mendez, Ramona Pilar Gonzalez, David Hernandez and the one and only JD Frump who edited the video
After Tio left, the show went on!
A great shout out to the fierce lesbianas who came out to support: Judy Baca, Ellen Gavin, Alicia Gaspar De Alba and Alma Lopez, Maria Ochoa, Diana Mera and M’DELA, and Maya Chinchilla to out a few.  What a good looking audience! There were so many
Another wonderful news: At the show, Gabriel Lerner, Senior Editor of AOL Latino/Huffington Post, was there and was moved to write this article of my show.  Esta en expanol, asi que busquen sus interpretes and translators!

This is a very good article written about my show.  He really was open when I explained that I am gender queer.  It was the first time he had heard of it.  I popped his gender queer cherry.  I was able to introduce him to Visa and he was thrilled to see the many facets of Karen (insert Glamour Shot).

We finished our meal at Moles La Tia (the bomb!) and we had our cafecito, inmediatamente transportados a un cafe en Bueno  Aires, transmitted through a Mexican restaurant.  The rest you can read in the article amigos!
So, if you like the trailer, tell me so I can bring my solo to your town!   Yee haw! Aguante!
Un beso con un shot de mate,
Karen “La Che” Anzoategui


Karen Anzoategui is a writer/actor/activist within Los Angeles. Karen received her B.A. in theatre from Loyola Marymount University. Karen has a solo show Ser: L.A. vs. B.A. a Queer transnational tale of choosing between Buenos Aires: the soccer mecca burning in her heart, and Los Angeles: the land of peace and plenty which most recently played at the Macha Theatre in Weho. She has been developing her writing with the L.A. Writers Center since 2008. Other credits include REDCAT, Casa 0101, Nate Holden Performing Arts Center with Teada Prod, Ruby Tragically Rotund directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera at LATC as understudy, ProClitvities at Highways Theatre and Henry V and The Changeling with Independent Shakespeare Co at Barnsdall Park and the Lillian Theatre, Sissy by Ricardo Bracho at CoA. Karen is a stand-up comedian featured on SiTv’s Latino 101 and throughout venues in Los Angeles. Karen is also involved in humanitarian efforts within the HIV field providing housing and hope for people living with HIV/AIDS through the Serra Project. Add me on TWITTER!

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