Video Q&A with Actor George Unda

When “Where the Bears Are” premiered online in 2012, the creators had no idea that the show would garner the love of the entire bear community. Or, that it would win Web Series of the Year by two respected websites, AfterElton and Queerty. Where the Bears Are is a comedy-mystery web series that has been described as a cross between The Golden Girls and Murder, She Wrote.

Actor George Unda was added to the cast during the second season as Detective Marcus Martinez. Detective Martinez finds himself trying to solve the murder of a candidate running for city council and in the process becomes romantically involved with Wood Burns (played by Joe Dietl and one of the main bears).

Unda impresses with his portrayal of Detective Martinez. It is a joy to watch him. His comedic timing is perfect, and it is impossible to believe that the show is scripted, due to the casts natural dialogue delivery.

Victor Yates sat down with Unda to discuss his role as Detective Martinez and his role as a queer person of color on the show. Unda also talks about memes, Guillermo Diaz (of Scandal), and much more.

Watch the video below to learn more about Unda and “Where the Bears Are.”

Victor Yates

Writer and blogger Victor Yates’ work has appeared in the anthology, ‘For Colored Boys’ and in Windy City Times, GBM News, SGL Weekly, The Voice, The Catalyst, and Prism. His first novel is set to be released by Addison Craft Publishing.

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