Q-Vlog: Letting Go of Bad Relationships (Romantic or Platonic)

Letting go of an unhealthy relationship is absolutely difficult to do when having the mindset that we will never find someone else to compensate (take the place of) the bond which he may presently have. Often people remain in unhealthy bonds for a plethora of reasons, however, staying in an unhealthy relationship is very counter-productive to your emotional happiness. Break-ups are difficult but it is a small sacrifice in the totality of your overall well being. You deserve the absolute best !

Mikey Smilez

Michael “Mikey Smilez” Narain is a New York City based crazy person! Well, if that doesn't quite distinguish him, he is a fun, warm, huggable and lovable caring individual with a killer smile (ching) and a nice rack. It’s really hard to write one of these for myself as I've learned not to be so egocentric… so It’s quite hard- that’s what he said! Well, I'm an opinionated babbler vlogger/blogger/comic by night and a substance abuse therapist by day. Most of my topics include self-actualization, LGBT issues, spirituality and that ever toilsome quest to find my future baby daddy. My goal is to be a hybrid of Ellen/Dr. Phil with some edge and sex appeal! Please join me on my quest as I tackle this thing called life and try to win a Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and maybe a Pulitzer prize, oh, GQ's man of the year might be great too.. or the Noble Peace Prize, what ever comes first.

3 thoughts on “Q-Vlog: Letting Go of Bad Relationships (Romantic or Platonic)

  • April 9, 2013 at 2:07 am

    Breaking up is hard to do, no doubt about it. Great points buddy!

  • July 11, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    spank you =] xoxo


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