Unspoken Shorts

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[UN]SPOKEN is a new digital shorts campaign by the Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center uncovering the lives of real Asian & Pacific Islander guys with real sex stories, tangled in raw, unspoken situations. These narratives seek to provide tools for young folks to have safer sex by unsealing voyeuristic snippets of the lives of young men who have overcome real life sexual challenges.

The Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center is a health services, education, research and policy organization dedicated to educating, supporting, empowering and advocating for Asian and Pacific Islander (A&PI) communities-particularly A&PIs living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. In 2011, they launched their free medical clinic specializing in providing care for the Asian, Pacific Islander and LGBT communities. They also expanded their TRANS:THRIVE programming through leading a partnership with other local organizations to deliver services to San Francisco’s dynamic transgender communities. They fought for (and won!) the inclusion of Asians & Pacific Islanders in HIV prevention programming at the local and national levels, and continue to work with our allies to make sure that A&PIs across the country get the services they deserve.

Please like their [UN]SPOKEN digital shorts campaign on Facebook, because I sure do!

Some of their videos:


Jonathan Menendez is a digital media entrepeneur/producer that focuses his work on the empowerment of marginalized communities through emergent media, specifically trans-queer people of color. His projects include the production of a documentary on gay Latino culture in L.A., the founding and creative development of xQsi Magazine and Qulture. He founded the Latin@ Queer Arts and Film Festival that is a collaboration with the LA LGBT Center. He has shared his work as a panelist at The Queer Media Conference, The People of Color Film Festival: FUSION and the the Queer Students of Color Conferences. He has worked as a consultant for AIDS Project Los Angeles/UCSF under the department of research with George Ayala to ensure a diverse sample of Latino recruits for a study. He just completed his graduate degree with an emphasis on Digital Art and New Media from the University of California Santa Cruz where he also served as a teaching assistant for two years.

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