Who Run the World? Girls!*

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*Note: Except in corporate board rooms


Before we begin, please sit back and turn on Beyonce’s “Run the World” as you read this. I presume you will find (as I have) the juxtaposition of the song’s lyrics with Facebook’s current choice of Board members quite humorous.


While 6 out of 10 Facebook users are women, they comprise a whopping 0 out of 7 members of the Board of Directors. (Who run this mother? Girls!)


I have sat on 2 boards now, and I was the only female on either of them (and these aren’t small companies: 1 is a UK Fortune 500 company with 12+ board members). Take the challenge of asking any woman in business you know and she’ll tell you a similar story. (Disrespect us? No they won’t!)


There is a real problem with corporate culture when absolutely zero value is placed on diversity. I have seen firsthand how much power a corporate board wields, and I want to see a world someday where corporate actions reflect the diverse thinking / lives / consumption / etc. of a diverse world. This includes women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, etc.


Especially for a social networking site like FB, arguably one of the world’s most influential corporations, this is entirely unacceptable. When you have an all-star like Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s current COO, already in-house, or external players like Mary Meeker (the go-to internet guru), is it really that much of a stretch to have ONE female on the board? (Surely, we aren’t all brain dead?)


Let’s demand that Facebook recognize the value of female leadership on its Board; let’s start with this first step in the right direction. And I firmly believe that as things progress, it will no longer be acceptable to not have women on boards – to not have people of color, or gay men and women, etc. And, call me naive, but I think this will in turn change the attitudes and then actions of corporations all over the world.


I am writing this to brothers and sisters who recognize this is more than a “woman issue” – it’s a first step to changing a force of power that quite literally shapes the ways in which you and I conduct our daily lives. Please email this, tweet this (#FBgirls), post it on your Facebook status, sign Ultra Violet’s petition below and let Facebook know that you value diversity – and Facebook should, too.


(I’m Repping For The Girls Who Taking Over The World)



Twitter: @Nirvan1a


Vania is an investor in the Media industry, focusing on music, film and TV. She sits on the Management Board of BMG Chrysalis, the world's largest independent music publisher. She and her partner live in London, but also split their time between Los Angeles and Berlin. Twitter: NirVan1a

2 thoughts on “Who Run the World? Girls!*

  • April 23, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    Who are the major investors?

  • April 23, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    The reason they put together a Board is bc theyre actually going public (so anyone can buy shares). Zuckerberg will still own a large %


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