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Do you have a website, organization, or company that you would like to promote with Qulture?

We are looking for websites to cross promote banners, articles and contests. We also offer the opportunity for YOUR company and/or organization to sponsor videos/video blogs in exchange for creating awareness for Qulture.

If you have a collaboration idea, and your mission and ours make sense for a partnership; we are open to hearing more.  Here’s how…

Submit a one-page proposal detailing the following:

  • The benefits of cross promotion to Qulture and its members.
  • Description of promotional process.
    • Action (s) required of Qulture staff.
    • Action (s) of your organization.

Please email your proposal to myqulture@gmail.com.

Do you have a talent for writing and looking for a home with Qulture for your work? 

You should apply right away if you are Queer, part of a cultural minority  (Black, Asian, Latina, Jewish, Trans, Cabrona, Perrona) and  fit one or more of the following:

  • I am blogger extraordinaire
  • I am an infographics professional
  • I am a talented and passionate writer
  • I am an online taskmaster and guru.
  • I am a graphic designer.
  • I am a YouTube mini-celebrity.
  • I love art and have lots of pieces that need to be showcased.

Qulture is looking for a few lovely femmes, butches, cisgenders, queers and jotas (men and women) to join our tribe of beautiful contributors, and we really want you in our collective! You don’t have to be Queer to apply, but having a love affair with our Qulture is almost enough!

We’re seeking driven, talented movers and shakers for regular contributions to Qulture. Prospective candidates should have a body of work to point to (even your Facebook counts), be active on social media, know how to find amazing stories and videos from the never ending overflow of information on the daily internet news feed, and know the basics of the English language. We would like for our audience to be able to understand your blog, right?

We do this because we love it, we’re good at it and we want the world to see how we roll!