Transgender Cartoon Superhero Premieres June 1

Margeret Loesch, CEO of the Hub, the network that brought you My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Transformers Prime, has officially green lit the animated kids series, SheZow, which premieres on Hub this Saturday, June 1.

The show, which features a 12-year old boy named Guy Hamdon, who inherits a magic ring from his aunt that turns him into a female superhero named SheZow, is aimed at children aged seven and above. In the form of SheZow, Guy is gifted with superhuman abilities, a skirt, thigh high boots and a pink shapeshifting car. All triggered by the phrase, “You go girl!”

Created by Obie Scott Wade (a writer on Baby Looney Tunes) and produced by Kickstart Productions and Moody Street Kids, SheZow has been airing in Australia since December 2012, and as reported by ABC news, is picking up heat from conservative pundits like the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue who criticized the show for exposing children to gender bending at an inappropriate age. “The target audience here is not adults,” said Donohue. “The target audience are young people, many of whom may be confused about their own sexuality.”


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