A Dead Retrospective: A Weekly Review of “The Walking Dead”

Episode: “Home”

Original Air Date: Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Actors: Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lorie), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Michael Rooker (Merle), David Morrissey (the Governor).

I have always been a fan of the horror movie genre. As a kid, you could even say it was an infatuation. It was so intense that one day I came home from middle school and found my collection of VHS horror films destroyed, inside a garbage can. My mother, being the strict Catholic Latina woman that she was, believed I would get possessed by el diablo (Satan) over watching these films and the only solution was to rid my mind of this “filth” by melting the tapes beyond recognition.

Did my mother save my soul by taking these, what I now find, humorous actions? Well, the verdict is still out (lol), but my insatiable appetite for gore has once again been awoken by this epic marvel on cable television, AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Starting today, look here every Wednesday for a recap of this frightening, yet dramatic zombie-apocalyptic gem. Enjoy!

I See Dead People

Sheriff Rick Grimes makes contact with the ghost of his deceased wife, Lorie

Sheriff Rick Grimes has literally been through hell and back over the last couple of seasons, but the wear and tear his mind has constantly been subjected to has finally reached a boiling point after the violent death of his wife Lorie. It began with a phantom phone call from her while he reviewed her remains a few episodes back, but it has now grown into full blown visions of his dearly departed wife. During this past Sunday’s episode, he left the safe confines of the prison grounds in order to chase a fleeing ghostly apparition of Lorie. But that choice almost killed him (more on that later).

Rick has no doubt established himself as the leader of this small pack of prison survivors, but you have to wonder how long will the group continue to heed his commands when it is clearly evident Rick is losing his marbles. If there is one thing “The Walking Dead” has shown us is that ALL major characters are fair game. The deaths of Dale, Shane, T-Dog, young Sophia, and Lorie are clear proof of that. Sheriff Rick Grimes’ Day of Reckoning may be close at hand.

The Governor Retaliates

If there is one character I have grown to despise in TWD, it, without a doubt, is the self-proclaimed Governor of Woodbury.

The Governor of Woodbury retaliates against Sheriff Rick Grimes and the rest of the prison survivors

This past Sunday, he and his henchmen launched an all-out assault on the prison complete with a zombie-bomb in retaliation of the attack Woodbury endured at the hands of Rick and his group as they searched for their kidnapped buddies Glenn and Maggie. This is a definite character you love to hate. Although he did maintain a feeling of tranquility and peace amongst the innocent survivors within the fortified walls of Woodbury, the way this man went about it was pure evil. The scene earlier in the season where he and his men slaughtered innocent soldiers in order to steal supplies comes instantly to mind.

I am eagerly anticipating the day when this man will get feasted upon by a ravenous horde of starving, flesh eating zombies.

A Good Friend Returns

Daryl returns just in time to save Rick and the rest of the prison survivors

If you are a true fan of TWD  then you will know just how much of an integral character Daryl has become to Rick and the rest of the survivors. It was no doubt disappointing to see Daryl abandon the prison survivors in last week’s episode in order to rejoin forces with his prejudice, not to mention dangerously irresponsible brother Merle but that disappointment was short-lived as we witnessed his return to the prison just in time to save Rick’s life from an impending death by two walkers. His return marked a major turning point between Daryl and his brother Merle. Earlier in this past Sunday’s show it was revealed the two brothers had planned on raiding the survivors camp in season 1, yet their paths ultimately led them in two vastly different directions. Merle continued on his path of destructiveness and careless disregard for innocent human life, while Daryl established himself as an important component of Sheriff Rick Grimes’ team by protecting and defending the prison survivors at all costs.

Merle’s return to the group is like adding an explosive element to an already unstable situation. He already has it out for Rick after the Sheriff abandoned Merle on a rooftop in downtown Atlanta by handcuffing him to a pipe in season 1. Now that Daryl, his own brother, has chosen to protect the prison survivors over his own flesh and blood, what’s to hold Merle back now?

To Be Continued…

The ball is now in Sheriff Rick’s hands. He will retaliate against the Governor once again, there’s no doubt about that and it will undoubtedly come down to a final, bloody stand. But who will remain standing… the dictatorial Governor, or the increasingly crazed Sheriff? And how will Merle’s desire for revenge against Rick ultimately rear it’s ugly face? We’ll have to wait and see.


“The Walking Dead” fun facts

1) Andrew Lincoln (Sheriff Rick Grimes) refuses to watch any episode of the show, claiming he does not want it to impede his portrayal of Rick on the show.

2) Norman Reedus (Daryl) had a recurring role on the television show “Charmed” where he played the love interest of Wiccan witch Paige (Rose McGowan).

3) David Morrissey (the Governor), like Andrew Lincoln, was born in England. In order to master an American southern accent, he watched countless videos of southern and mid-western politicians… including videos of President Bill Clinton.

Antonio X. Garcia

Antonio X. Garcia is a former San Diegan now living in the city of Los Angeles (and loving every second of it). Being the son of a mother from Tijuana, and a father from Guadalajara, Mexico, this Chicano had the very essence of Hispanic/American culture ingrained in the very fabric of his being. He is currently devoting his time writing and as an activist for the LGBTQ community, most recently serving as a Board Member for the Latino Equality Alliance and blogger for The Mind of Toñito. He is a founding member of Qulture.org.

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