Deadly Retrospective: A Weekly Recap of “The Walking Dead”

Episode: “Arrow on the Doorpost”

Original Air Date:  Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Actors: Andrew Lincoln (Rick), David Morrissey (the Governor), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Laurie Holden (Andrea), Jose Pablo Cantillo (Caesar)



The moment we Walking Dead fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Sheriff Rick and the Governor met face-to-face for the first time in this past week’s episode. It was definitely a tense pairing considering the two men and their respective survivor groups have been launching all out attacks against each other during the last several weeks but Andrea, who now considers herself the Governor’s love interest, organized this little rendezvous in hopes of squashing their rivalry once and for all. Knowing the Woodbury leader is about as trustworthy as a Tea Party politician, Rick had his pistol aimed directly between the Governor’s eyes but alas couldn’t pull the trigger as the Governor implored Rick they could work out their differences in a manner that would be acceptable to all sides.


Meanwhile, outside of the shack where the two leaders met, both groups of survivors joined forces to take down a group of walkers that had infiltrated the meeting location. At first their union appeared volatile, but after a while you could begin to see a friendship develop between a few of them, most notably between Daryl and Caesar Martinez. And you have to wonder if it comes down to war between the prison survivors and Woodbury, will these guys have it in them to kill each other in cold blood knowing the real threat is the walkers? In actuality, all these people are striving for the same goal and that is to survive the zombie apocalypse.


In order to prevent a major battle, and avoid a massive slaughter of innocent lives on both sides, the Governor made an offer to Rick that may be hard for him to refuse. “Give me Michonne and I’ll leave your prison. Are the lives of your son and daughter and the rest of your team worth one person?” Although the offer did intrigue Rick, Michonne has established herself as a very important part of the prison camp. She has saved the lives of many of them, including Rick’s son Carl. Also, Rick knows how conniving and untrustworthy the Governor can be, especially after taking into account Glenn, Maggie, and Merle’s experiences at Woodbury. Rick has to question the sincerity of the Governor. He cannot be trusted. But will that be enough to sway Rick’s decision? He has two days to decide. Hand over Michonne and the possibility of ending the war before it even begins is there. Don’t hand her over and prepare for all-out war.

The Day of Judgment is at hand.

Antonio X. Garcia

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