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Que ondas Raza? It’s Wednesday afternoon, some of you may be ready to get out of the chamba and go get a nice dinner or simply hit a happy hour to unwind. One can never go wrong with that. Anyway, whatever you plan to do, make sure you enjoy it! I want to thank Jonathan one of the founders of Qulture, for inviting me to be part of this great vision he has for our community to connect and learn how to empower ourselves.
A brief intro on myself: I’m Born in El Salvador and raised in South Central … I have the diverse mentality and stories of struggle that make me a simple poet with a big imagination and vision for the future. In my blogs/posts you’ll get to know a bit of my history, passions, cultura and how I’m involved in the community. I look forward to connecting with as many positive and strong-minded people. . . gente con aspiracion and those who regardless of struggles, find a way to be victorious! Here’s to love, the struggles and our raza!
– cyn

Cyn da' Poet

Cyn is a multi-faceted human being always thinking outside of the box. She's an author, poet, performance artist and workshop facilitator. Her book “Suspendidos en el Tiempo” (Suspended in Time) focuses on the Salvadoran Civil War, love and the human struggle; It was published in Argentina and part of the 2011 Book International Festival in Buenos Aires. Cyn is best known in the community as a performance artist for 10 years for her ‘high energy and direct style in tackling taboo subjects.” She also performed in Cal State LA’s “Vagina Monologues”, created her own greeting cards: “Cyn expressions”, and has collaborated with other artists and musicians in combining poetry with music. She’s also a Board Member at Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride and working on several projects. For more info:

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