Zombies and Zombies-Oh my!

Karen June 4, 2012 0
Zombies and Zombies-Oh my!
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Ok, there is no actual Zombie Virus people! Thanks LA Times!


What’s up with our recent obsession with Zombies? I understand the vampire thing since it is mainly brewed by Hollywood. Zombies on the other hand…

I once posted a Zombie Jesus picture and a friend from Facebook deleted me since he was so offended. Guess he wasn’t really my Facebook friend or else he would have seen my other offensive religious posts and deleted me a long time ago.

Zombie people on the other hand, has gotten Angelenos and Americanos on edge for many years now, so much so that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) released a very eye catching narrative to protect ourselves from a Zombie attack.

I am poking fun at this recent cultural phenomenon that has sprung.  I do believe it is rooted in a fear that is permeating through Zombies. It all boils down to the Mayan prediction that the world will end in 2012.  Apparently, the Mayan had great timing with Hollywood.  The Walking Dead.  The first Zombie was Jesus.  Technically, the Bible is saying he was THEE WALKING DEAD.  If there is a Zombie Attack, they are a bunch of ANTICHRISTS coming at you!

Is the government preparing us for a virus that will curb the population?  Will this virus be targeting certain low income groups? Certain groups of “undesired” people?  These are some thoughts I think about since it seems like the only facts surrounding a possible Zombie Apocalypse are prophecies from thousands of years ago and the talk of a virus that is like past virus’ without a cure.

Ok, so scientists are warning us that there will be a virus so strong, you can’t cure it, so, you have to accept that someone might truly want to eat your face and there is nothing you can do about it but get yourself a mask and hide.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the CDC’s comic strip of the Zombie Apacalypse.  It’s quite entertaining.


Once you scroll down to the bottom on the page, you see the list of supplies you will need in case anyone is infected with this Zombie Virus and attacks you and your home.  Just like the movies!  Although the list, could be upgraded in my opinion.  I would add, bring your kindle. It will help to keep you entertained and you could protect yourself by blinding these Zombies with the bright screen.

Bring your camera.  If you are going to be attacked, you might survive it and you can upload the video to Youtube and make bank. Screw Hollywood.

Water. Yes, bring it.  Also, bring the vodka.  You can make screwdrivers everyday and not worry about the other CDC warnings of liver damage and cancer.

Multipurpose supplies… ok, you got me there CDC.  A wrench, screwdrivers (not the vodka kind) scissors, duct tape…. um, the CDC is setting us up for premeditated murder! If these Zombies immaculately get over this virus, the first thing they will do is take you to court!  We will have Zombie millionaires and Zombie reality shows.

Extra Cash.  Always carry that, if you have it.  If the Zombies attack, you might be able to protect yourself the old fashion way, like our politicians do it: BRIBE the Zombie.

Any thoughts? Let me know!  Add your comment.


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